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So Darling, What Have You Been Doing?

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The biggest thing I have been living with is the death of my father almost a year ago; it is astonishing the effect something like that can have. There are really no words to be enough but it happened, I’m still dealing with it and here.

I’m also spending a lot of time in Vancouver, BC. I’ve got great friends and am having a fantastic time discovering this gorgeous new place. (By inference, my health is better enough to travel which in itself is amazing and I’m grateful.)

Life is changing.

New ink is here (photograph by the amazing artist https://www.instagram.com/aaliyrose whom I adore !) Those ASOIAF readers may recognize the quote.



(It’s Tyrion quoting Jaime during the Battle of the Blackwater. Ahh.)

For sheer goodness, this says it all.


Yes, it was that awesome. Great, kind person.

Team Her Tiny Grace after:


Things currently exciting me: dearest friends, The Witch, Angela Carter, the  loved vintage Morgan-Greer tarot I found in Fort Wayne, IN, getting ready to go for a walk in my Vancouver neighbourhood, cooking lots of ASOIAF food, fantasy art from the seventies and eighties,  discovering the beauty of BC, adventures with Her Tiny Grace, art, writing, healing and the chunky, gorgeous pink and silver glitter I found at Deserres.

Things I will be writing about, but not limited to: Tarot, jewels, creating art (or meep morps), modern fantastic lifestyles, fun with imaginary medievalism and why it is good for you, fandom and style,  underappreciated fantasy art, more Faire love and crafts.

And always #LANNISTERPROMHAIR . Always.


Author: JL Melusine

Artist. Writer. Photographer for TinyCersei on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

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